Date for new rules on HMO confirmed.

Published on Wed, 31st Jan 2018 15:14

In one of first announcements as the new Housing Minister, Dominic Raab has confirmed that the new rules on HMO’s are proposed to come into place in October this year.

In summary it is proposed that all HMO’s with 5 or more occupiers will be subject to mandatory licensing, thus doing away with the current rule that a mandatory licensed is required with 5 or more occupiers AND 3 or more stories.

It is anticipated this new rule will bring an extra ¼ million properties into mandatory licensing; what is not known is any transitory arrangements for an HMO currently in Additional Licensing but having to become Mandatory Licensed.  Will they have to pay twice?

It is likely that the new room sizes for HMO’s will come into place at the same time. Rooms used for sleeping by one adult will have to be no smaller than 6.51 sqm, while those slept in by two adults will have to be larger than 10.22 sqm. Rooms slept in by children of ten years or younger must be no smaller than 4.64 sqm.  As part of the licensing requirements, local councils will be able to make sure that only rooms meeting the standard are used for sleeping.

Raab can’t currently guarantee this timetable as Parliamentary time will need to be found for this.