Ex Housing Minister becomes Tory chairman

Published on Mon, 8th Jan 2018 15:00

Downing Street has announced that Brandon Lewis is to become the new Conservative Party chairman.

Mr Lewis was the Housing Minister for two years under David Cameron.  He was actually well suited for this position as he was a RICS surveyor before becoming an MP, so understood housing.

Mrs May replaced him with Gavin Barwell, who himself went to on become Chief of Staff to the Prime Minister when he lost his seat in the 2017 election.

So this means that the party chairman and the Chief of Staff are both ex Housing Ministers. 

Additionally the The Department of Communities and Local Government has been rebadged as the Department of Housing, Communities and Local Government in what would appear to be a  cosmetic-only change announced by Downing Street.

Will this affect housing matters?  Only time will tell.