Recent BBC landlord and tenant programme.

Published on Wed, 13th Dec 2017 21:00

BBC 4 recently aired a programme showing the difference in views between a benefit tenant, and an experienced landlord.

Click here to listen to it.

Eva tells of the problems of being a benefit tenant, and the concern about a lack of security of tenure leading to uncertainty of the future.

Paul the landlord tells the story of being attacked in one of his properties by a tenant; who turned out to be a drug dealer.

Interestingly the pair are asked to tell the others story to see if it made an impression on them.  They then debate each other’s situation – but unfortunately can’t even agree to disagree.

Paul the landlord re-iterates the oft repeated fact that most, if not all landlords would give longer term tenancies if they felt a problem tenant could be evicted easier.

Powerful stuff, and worth listening to.