Jeremy Corbyn pledges to scrap the Section 21 notice

Published on Wed, 27th Dec 2017 12:09

The end of 'No Fault Evictions?

 Jeremy Corbyn has pledged to include an end to the Section 21 evictions in the next Labour manifesto.

The Labour leader believes the current rules can lead to the breakup of communities, children having to move schools or travel long distances to stay at the same school, and causes insecurity and anxiety for tenants across England. 

Asked whether abolishing the “no fault” evictions would be part of the next Labour manifesto, he replied:  “Absolutely. I am very committed to housing and dealing with homelessness. I think it’s a moral litmus test for the country: do we just put up with so many rough sleepers or do we do something about it.“

Shelter are very exercised about the use of the Section 21, citing it as a large reason for homelessness.  Whilst it is true that many landlords do use the S21 it is frequently for rent arrears, and they seem to prefer to use this rather than the (correct) Section 8.

The SLA have urged landlords to use the Section 8 for some time.  Not only does this help to set the record right that landlords are evicting due to arrears, but in fact is faster, if used correctly.

Note that Scotland has already abolished the No Fault Notice.