Conservative Party conference: Planned crackdown on rogue landlords to let private renters challenge rip-off fees

Published on Sun, 1st Oct 2017 16:00

Communities Secretary Sajid Javid unveils plans to offer greater protections for private sector tenants ahead of Conservative Party conference speech


Private tenants will be given greater rights under new plans to crack down on rogue landlords, Communities Secretary Sajid Javid has said.

On the first day of Conservatives' annual conference, Mr Javid has unveiled new measures to force all landlords to join an ombudsman redress scheme, which would give renters more power to challenge rip-off fees and poor treatment.

The Government will also bring in new laws requiring all letting agents to be registered, ending current rules that allow people to operate in the role without qualifications or professional oversight.

New incentives will be unveiled in the upcoming Budget to ensure landlords offer tenancies of at least 12 months, to provide greater security for tenants, Mr Javid said.


NB - addition made Monday Oct 2nd.

Notice that we have had more detials form this and the Secretary of State is also proposing:-

  • to steps to protect renters against poor practice - no more detasils on yjis at the moment;
  • we will require all letting agents to be regulated, so they meet strict minimum standards - already announced;
  • we will consult with the judiciary on a new, specialist, Housing Court, so that we can get faster, more effective, justice - we welcom this and hope this will be an extension of the tribunal system;
  • All landlords should be offering tenancies of at least 12 months for those who want them;
  • And they shouldn’t be able to remove tenants when they have done nothing wrong without giving at least three months’ notice;
  • That’s why, at the Autumn Budget, we will bring forward new incentives for landlords who are doing the right thing.  We welcome this (depending on what the details are) as we get fed up with landlords just being bashed all the time.