Housing Minister speech

Published on Thu, 14th Sep 2017 20:00

The new Housing Minister, Alok Sharma, has made his first speech as minister.

He gave gave a talk at the RESI conference, which can be seen here.

In it he acknowledges there have been a lot of Housing Ministers in the past few years, and hopes that he is given enough time to do his job.

He stated that he intended to see the recent Housing White Paper be implemented. This can be seen here.

The weekly publication 'Property Week' had recently asked him to do 5 things:-

  1. First, turn the Housing White Paper into action –I absolutely agree, that is precisely what my department is engaged in doing.
  2. Second, I was asked to breathe down the necks of local authorities – I agree local authorities need to get their local plans in order. The Secretary of State will be making a statement to Parliament later this morning, setting out our plans to consult on an open and honest approach to assessing local housing need.
  3. Thirdly, address the future of Help to Buy – again, I agree. The industry needs certainty.
  4. Fourth, I’ve been asked to bang the drum for the construction industry and Brexit talks – yes, I very much understand the importance of access to the labour that you need.
  5. And finally, I was told to be bold on the Greenbelt. As you know, the Housing White Paper is clear that Green Belt land can be released, but only in exceptional circumstances.

and basically he agreed these were worthile objectives to pursue.