Local Landlord wins High Court JR against Enfield Council proposed Licensing Scheme.

Published on Thu, 11th Dec 2014 15:37

The Southern Landlords Association (SLA) is delighted to learn that Constantinos Regas, a private landlord in Enfield, has been successful in his bid to challenge Enfield Council in their proposal to introduce licensing in the entire Borough of Enfield. 


As the only landlords’ association that has taken judicial reviews to the High Court, we are aware of the financial costs and the timescale required to see them through to the end, and applaud the dedication shown by Constantinos. 


The Southern Landlords Association is of the opinion that a significant number of licensing schemes introduced by local authorities, once they did not have to seek permission, are unlawful.  However, the cost of appealing and the time limits are disproportionate, and all appeals should be allowed through First-tier Tribunals.  The requirement to appeal only through the High Court via a judicial review is a misuse of High Court time, and the cost itself makes the appeal system virtually unavailable to most landlords. 


The SLA also considers that many local authorities who have implemented licensing have done so either for political purposes or to enable staff who otherwise may well have been redundant to retain jobs.  Often, the schemes introduced do not comply with the purpose of licensing.