Tax reforms deter buy-to-let landlords

Published on Mon, 22nd May 2017 13:49

There are less landlords according to Connells Agents.

Connells have noticed a decrease in the valuations carried out on Buy-To-Let property  They have dropped to 7% in April, versus the 5 year average of 13%.

See here for the full report.  This is line with the survey carried out by us two months ago, reported here.  See the full survey here.

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Mike Stimpson on the radio

Published on Fri, 19th May 2017 20:00

Mike Stimpson was on Radio 5 Live last Friday - May 19th.

To hear the interview click here, click the play symbol, drag the bar to 1:06:15 to listen to the start of the piece on problems in housing in Brighton.  Mike appears from 1:16:20 onwards  

Note that this will only stay on the web site for 1 week, so you will need to listen to it this week.

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Manifestos announced

Published on Thu, 18th May 2017 17:00

The three main parties have now announced their manifestos.  They can be seen here:-

We wrote to the current Government with our wish list.

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Rate revaluation for development properties

Published on Thu, 18th May 2017 13:14

There has been a recent court case regarding the rateable value of a property being re-developed.

The Supreme Court recently ruled that a Sunderland property should not have been charged business rates as if it were fully usable when it was undergoing refurbishment. Instead, the court ruled, the property should have been valued at the nominal sum of £1, resulting in a much-reduced rates bill.


The full details can be seen here, but in summary the builder (SJ & J Monk) had applied for a redu

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Minimum Room Sizes

Published on Tue, 2nd May 2017 19:02

The Government have recently carried out a consultation on the minimum allowed size of bedrooms for licensed properties.

 Whilst it is almost certain that this will become law, currently (May 2017) it is not law.  However that seems not to have stopped some councils from trying to impose it on landlords.  We are certainly aware that Brighton has tried recently.

You may be cheered by a recent success for common sense.  Nottingham Council tried to stop the use of a couple of rooms in a licensed

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