Government announcements

Published on Sun, 9th Apr 2017 09:33

The DCLG announced some amendments to the law as a consequence of the 2016 Housing and Planning Act.

The main one is that Local Authorities now have the abilty to choose whether to prosecute a landlord through the court, or issu a Civil Penalty for certain offences.  The difference is that the Local Authority can keep the charge made under a Civil Penalty - and this can be up to £30,000.  Details can be seen here, but the notices covered by this are:-

  • Failure to comply with an Improvement No
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Open consultation Banning letting agent fees paid by tenants

Published on Fri, 7th Apr 2017 10:03

The Government are consulting on banning the fees paid by tenants to letting agents.

Full details can be seen here, the actual survey closes 11.45 on June 2nd and can be found here.  


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More proposed licensing schemes

Published on Fri, 10th Feb 2017 15:45


Both Woking and Brighton and Hove have announced a consultation on a proposed licensing scheme.


Woking is proposing in the Town Centre and the Maybury area.  To take part in this consulatation click on the link here.

Brighton are talking about a city wide sceheme.  See the details here.


We are also to hold a meetings to discuss these:-

  • Woking will be on March 22nd, where Neil Coile from the council will come to talk.  
  • Bright will be April 5th, where Martin Reid from the council
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Long Term Tenancies exempt for Buy to Let landlords

Published on Thu, 9th Feb 2017 10:00

The Housing Minister has confirmed that the longer tenancy proposals in the Housing White Paper will not apply to buy-to-let landlords.

 He has told Inside Housing that his hope is that getting greater numbers of institutional investors in the market, providing longer tenancies “will disrupt the market and will encourage other landlords to do so as well Housing.”

 He continued though:

 “I think if you tried to force people to do it at the opposite end of the market [buy-to-let], I think histo

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Summary of the Housing White Paper

Published on Tue, 7th Feb 2017 22:00


The Government have today (7/2/17) released

their long awaited Housing White Paper

The SLA are to mount a series of meetings to present this White Paper, and give time for discussion to allow us formulate our response.  Note that we are planning new venues to enable to discuss this:-
  • Woking - March 22nd, also to discuss the new licensing scheme being proposed;
  • Worthing - April 25th;
  • Tunbridge Wells - May 10th;
  • central London - June 21st (provisional);
  • Ashford - Octobe
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